THE CELLAR MASTER, much like the conductor of an orchestra, produces champagne by emphasizing the best features of each selected wine in the blend. 

Each note of a wine is impressed during the blending with the Charles Heidsieck style, the House trademark.


Over the past two decades - and not less than 12 times in only those 20 years - the Charles Heidsieck Cellar Masters have been awarded the prestigious title of “Best Sparkling Winemaker of the Year” at the London International Wine Challenge. Their immense expertise and talent has brought them international renown. Each Cellar Master declares having been inspired in their winemaking by Charles’ audacity and his penchant for wandering from the beaten paths.

Masters of their Art, Creators and Gatekeepers

Daniel Thibault, Régis Camus and Thierry Roset have, each in turn, perpetuated this style, holding the heart of the House in their hand. The keys to the winery symbolize this style. Cyril Brun today takes these keys in hand as he takes on the task of producing the wines of the next decades.

"Admiring the movements of the wine through the glass is like being carried by the rhythm of a Viennese waltz"


Cyril Brun