Charles Heidsieck was one of the very first Champagne Houses to demonstrate its passion for Chardonnay by producing a Blanc de Blancs in its 1949 vintage. Through this cuvée, relaunched in 2018, two of the House’s areas of expertise come together: the production of great white wines and the art of blending a large selection of wines from different years and terroirs.

The non-vintage Blanc de Blancs expresses a style that is both fresh and vibrant, deep and generous, complex and delicate. It is a bold wine, elegant atypical, true to the Charles Heidsieck values.

Today, after many successful years, it adopts a new look. White with gold lining, which serves to further highlight its signature white grape, Chardonnay.



TO THE EYE: pale, crystalline gold with the typical glints of the Chardonnay varietal.

ON THE NOSE: the aromas of mature Chardonnay can be recognised initially: white peach, candied citrus with notes of lime, honeysuckle and fresh hazelnut, giving way to subtle hints of tangerine and lemon.

ON THE PALATE: freshness and tautness mark this typically Charles generosity: the attack is pure and forthright, not aggressive with a surprising suavity for a Blanc de Blancs and emblematic of the maturation of wines in two-thousand-year-old chalk cellars.

“The Charles style  is found on the palate, with that long finish, the luxuriousness and the complexity.”

Elise Losfelt, Cellar Master




A SELECTIVE BLEND OF 100% CHARDONNAY: 10 crus of Chardonnay, the most sought-after grapes in the region.

A SUAVE TAUTNESS: A velvety effervescence thanks to 25% of reserve wines with an average age of 5 years and a prolonged ageing of between 3 to 4 years in cellars, far beyond the norms of the region.

A SUAVE TAUTNESS: A cuvée that brings together two opposites: the tautness and the freshness of young Chardonnay grapes with this silky Charles’ style.