Conquering a New World is a long-term endeavour.

1852: America. True to his intuitions, Charles Heidsieck leaves for this continent, this country still untouched by any champagne trade.  He discovered and conquered this country very quickly. 

"There is a rumour about me, an excitement as they say, that we will greatly benefit from"

Charles Heidsieck in a letter to his wife in 1860. 

A charming gentleman admired by the powerful and the press. Inevitable icon. 

Ambassador of Champagne and of France itself. Charles seduced New York society as well as the business bourgeoisie. And also won over the South, even including the wild Louisiana.


 Upon his return to Europe, he went on to charm both Belgium and England. Celebrated and decorated at the Universal Exhibitions, his champagne soon began to sparkle in all the royal courts.