Charles Heidsieck Champagne is commemorating the bicentenary of its founder’s birth, paying tribute to the man himself, and celebrating his legacy and adventurous mind.

This landmark year sees the release of two champagnes:

The triumphant return of Champagne Charlie, the Franco-American rebirth of an iconic cuvée to underscore our Champagne House’s renewed ambitions with aplomb.

And the Brut Réserve Collector Edition, or a man's talent magnified in a finely decorated collector's bottle, made to withstand the test of time.

Charles has an exceptional expertise has a taste for travel has style and allure is a bon vivant loves life
expressed it with passion. pushed back boundaries. seduced by his « panache ». had a sense of celebration. celebrates life !


Charles Heidsieck was a personality who became a legend, but he was most importantly a man of the 19th Century – a century defined by audacity, invention and ambitious undertakings.

He set off for the New World the year after founding his company, full of confidence in his business venture. He had faith in his own abilities. He seduced the elite, made use of the press to promote his own House, and embarked on four long journeys, further contributing to his legendary reputation.