Throughout his travels, Charles Heidsieck embodied contemporary French glamour. 

With his distinguished charm and knack for business, he captivated America, becoming a prominent figure of fashionable society in just a few months.

Thanks to his easy-going nature, elegance and breeding, Charles focused on making a name for himself and for his champagne. 

"To tred where nobody has gone before…"


Journalists followed his every move while American high society fought to invite him... and his champagne. The Americans dubbed him “Champagne Charlie”, a nickname soon popularized by a song. 

Years later, The House decided to create a Champagne Charlie cuvée in tribute to the audacity of its founder. 5 vintages exist: 1979, 1981 1982, 1983 and 1985. 

In addition to the quality of these wines, no longer available, the powerful heritage of the cuvée has assured the Charles Heidsieck legend.