“– Do you know Charles Heidsieck?

The man or the champagne?

What difference does it make, the two are inseparable!”

Charles is a confirmed traveller and free-spirited, smooth-talking gentleman entrepreneur, focused on his champagne business. His elegant eloquence is much admired. His impetuosity is impressive. His champagnes embody his personality: emblematic and unique.

No challenge or frontier can hold him back.

His dreams continue through the ages.

Come meet Charles Heidsieck, the man and his charisma, his champagne and all the nuances of its character and aromas.

1822: Charles-Camille Heidsieck is born. This happy event took place 37 years after his grand-uncle founded the Champagne Heidsieck et Cie House.

Little Charles grew up in the midst of grapes, loved by his mother, Emilie Henriot, and his sisters, in a family ruled by Reims traditions and Prussian rigour.

Well-educated, he stands out for his integrity and elegance.

The man of taste did not lack for  ambition.  

 At 29 years old, Charles took his destiny in hand and founded a House in his image. His audacity, adventures and the renown of his wines would make him a legend in his time. 

His distinctive aesthetic choices made the Maison unique and renowned amongst all others, or as was said: Typiquement Charles. In his area as well as today, to be Typiquement Charles means flouting convention, bowing to no influence, pushing the envelope and forgetting long-lasting steadfast relationships.

Charles was the cornerstone of a distinguished lineage. 

His ambitions served to guide his descendants over the centuries.

In 2011, the Descours family took over the House with the aim of ensuring its international renown.