Last year, to mark the 200th anniversary of Charles Heidsieck's birth, Champagne Charlie, one of the House's historic cuvées, boarded the Grain de Sail cargo sailboat for an Atlantic crossing, following in the footsteps of its founder. A daring entrepreneur, he reinvented the Champagne market in the mid-19th century, converting Americans to his wines and becoming the legendary figure, "Champagne Charlie", on the other side of the Atlantic.



To mark the occasion, the House Charles Heidsieck decided to relaunch its iconic cuvée – Champagne Charlie – the very expression of the founder’s spirit, as interpreted by our talented former Cellar Master, Cyril Brun. Bursting with the House's expertise, in terms of freedom of blending and maturation of the wines, this cuvée is a tribute and, above all, incarnation of the famous “Charles’ signature”. It should come as no surprise that – as the market who gave it its name and legendary status – the House Charles Heidsieck was keen to prioritise America when it came to supplying the cuvée.



"To ensure that this renaissance was accompanied by an event befitting it, we didn't want an artificial celebration or a simple delivery, since we're talking about exceptional bottles, and it' was a matter of respecting and continuing our history. We therefore chose to bring "Charlie" back to the United States in our own way: with a respect for time, care for the environment, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit."

Stephen Leroux, Managing Director for Charles Heidsieck


Laste year, the Champagne Charlie cuvée was entrusted to Grain de Sail for a transatlantic crossing aboard its cargo sailboat – the world's first modern, regulated, merchant shipping cargo sailboat– in order to celebrate Charles' birthday. This partnership is set to continue, with bottles from the House crossing the Atlantic again this year. It's a fitting way to celebrate the Franco-American firenship that has bound the House with Champagne lovers in Amercia. It is, of course, Charles Heidsieckwho  introduced them to Champagne in 1852!

"We chose Grain de Sail because, above and beyond a company, it's an adventure. We share many of the same fundamental values: patience, entrepreneurial daring, the maritime world, respect for ancestral expertise, yet welcoming innovation to adapt to today's demands. Sailing is an integral part of our history: that's how Charles Heidsieck delivered to the American market. We're delighted with the idea that our wines will "arrive when they arrive". Are we just a few weeks behind after more than 10 to 20 years of waiting? For us, taking our time is the right thing to do. We allow our wines to mature fully, believing that a certain slowness allows us to appreciate things in life, to take full advantage it."

Stephen Leroux


The Grain de Sail adventure started in 2010 in the waters of Morlaix, Brittany, from the audacious idea of collecting coffee and chocolate from the other side of the world, whilst limiting CO2 emissions as much as possible by using a unique mode of transport: the cargo sailboat.

Coffee and chocolate in France, and wine in New York. We always prioritise products that showcase taste. Everyday we strive to select high-quality, organic products that are gourmet, delicious and from sustainable sources.

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