Paying homage to his historic cellars, Charles Heidsieck unveils its greatest treasure to œnophiles through a Collection called “Crayères”. Just like an old tome where every page recounts dazzling quests, an œnothèque of staggering vintages is to be revealed in a  first edition of  five incredible cuvées.

Time, like a “fourth varietal”, has crafted the soul of the wines in the Crayères Collection. Extended ageing on lees has unlocked the full potential of their aromas. Each vintage has its own signature, its own generous tone. Rooted in the highest standards and precise construction, all promise to deliver a harmonious combination of  avours.

Selectively released, whosoever is lucky enough to enjoy these precious jewels can boast of experiencing the dream of travelling through time.


To the eye

A shade of antique gold with amber reflections.

on the nose

Complex aromas, ranging from Virginia tobacco, leather and cocoa to the intensity of forest undergrowth, with occasional notes of light spices.

On the palate

A robust wine, perfectly mature with a  ourish structured around the warmth and texture of velvet.

Notes of dried fruits and candied ginger round o  the overall complexity.

Shimmering, copper tones, mingled with subtle, roasted notes, and underpinned by softly spiced accents and intensely fragrant nuances... This wine evokes an Indian summer, a forest underneath a fiery sun...

BLEND: 55% Pinot Noir - 45% Chardonnay



bottles available: 120

1983 bestowed the Champagne region with an abundant harvest, despite a very wet winter and awful spring. During the summer of 1983, it was a relief to see the vines had grown lush with magnificently ripe grapes. The Pinots Noirs were incredibly aromatic and powerful. The Chardonnays stood out for their finesse and surprising body. The wines were extremely high quality, and worthy of long cellaring.

To the eye

A beautiful coppery pink with mother-of-pearl bubbles.

On the nose

Extremely rich aromas evoking a structured, assertive rosé wine. The high proportion of Pinot Noir contributes notes of summer fruits to the wine: blueberries, blackberries and cherries, developing gradually into the more complex aromas of cinnam

On the palate

Generous on the palate, mild and full-bodied. Magni cent notes of co ee. The palate is surprising in its long  nish and intense bouquet of red fruits.

This rosé evokes a boudoir where an open  fire lights the room, with tales of the late romantics punctuated by the clinking of glasses. Like a precious  flower, it is generous and delicate. It has retained its youthful energy despite being aged for more than 30 years.

blend: 70% Pinot Noir - 30% Chardonnay

cellaring: 1986

bottles available: 300

This year remains etched into vine growers’ memories as an exceptional, ideal harvest in terms of quality, despite record freezing temperatures over winter (-30°C for several days) which irretrievably devastated part of the Champagne region’s vines. Fortunately, from the 1st July, beautiful weather settled in, ripening grapes to their full potential, especially the Pinots Noirs from Bouzy and Verzy showing indulgent aromas and beautiful character.

To the eye

An intense, luminous and deep gold. Very delicate and tiny bubbles.

On the nose

As in all the “Charlie” cuvées, freshness remains very present even when gently matured: some  oral notes, revealing the distinct perfume of dried roses, orange blossom and caramel. Subtle earthy aromas of mushrooms, tobacco and mocha, balanced by hints of baked fruits, liquorice and cinnamon, turning to dried ginger.

On the palate

Once more, you hardly believe the wine is 30 years+ old: the sensation of freshness and gentle acidity is still very obvious. The texture is very silky and creamy, a blend of toasted bread and dried apricot. An epicurean wine at its peak!

It’s as though all the Incas’ gold were re ecting through the glass... The Eldorado of Champagne, liquid treasure. On the palate, a punnet of dried dates, a caramelized caress. A sensual champagne, like a honeymoon. An unctuous gem, elegant and delicate.

blend: 53% Pinot Noir - 47% Chardonnay

cellaring: 1983

disgorgement: September 1998 - March 1999

bottles available: 240

The results of the 1982 harvest are considered amongst the most exceptional ever witnessed in the history of Champagne. The grapes grew under steady weather conditions. The results were irreproachable and the harvest abundant! The grapes, all varieties included, were in excellent condition and stood out for their  nesse, equilibrium and grandeur, hallmarks of a great year in Champagne.

To the eye

Scintillating and radiant, with a beautiful, sustained gold tint.

On the nose

A revealing bouquet of dried  owers, then more powerful aromas of crystallized fruit, toasted hazelnuts and powerful dried apricots combined with nuance of brioche.

On the palate

A remarkably open palate with  avours of almond and hazelnut. The texture of Champagne Charlie 1985 evokes the  rm  esh and aroma of dried  gs. This is a welcoming and balanced wine, revealing bright acidity with balanced freshness that belie the wine’s age.

Dazzling, imperial topaz, in a silk case. Then, gold leaf on the palate, disappearing like a light foam absorbed by the sand... the souvenir of an untouchable spring. A photograph of youth to be shown to one’s grandchildren.

blend: 45% Pinot Noir - 55% Chardonnay

cellaring: 1986

disgorgement: January 1995

bottles available: 300


The success of 1985 in Champagne was  rst and foremost due to the perfect health of the grapes (the cold winter helped). Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier displayed high degrees of ripeness, boding well for the birth of a great vintage. The grapes were full of  nesse and elegance. All signs pointed to the fact that several years of ageing would result in a stunningly opulent wine.

To the eye

A pronounced gilded golden Champagne, reminiscent of molten gold and delicately e ervescent.

On the nose

Mature fruit dominate at first: cooked apricots and candied oranges. The savours of dried fruit also bring visions of oriental markets: dates, figs, dried hazelnuts and peanuts.

On the palate

Indulgent aromas of caramel and the velvety texture of French toast and slightly toasted tarte tatin. The palate is accentuated with a suave, but never heavy, texture, thanks to good, persistent acidity. A beautifully balanced wine.

Some wines are experienced like a journey. Every sip reveals exotic landscapes, nostalgic yearning for perfect moments. The mouthfeel is silky, indulgent, fresh and light as a summer breeze...

blend: 52% Pinot Noir - 48% Chardonnay

cellaring: 1982

bottles available: 90

1981 is a stunning and extremely rare vintage. Drastic climatic variations over the winter as well as to springtime frosts destroyed 25% of the anticipated harvest. Nevertheless, upon tasting the grapes, particularly the Chardonnay in the white Grand crus, they were found to be of excellent quality. The Pinots Noirs married acidity and generosity. In all, they indicated intensely aromatic wines with a very promising cellaring potential.