The perfect number embodied  in a new bottle



And of these, 7 is recognised as being the perfect number. It symbolises unity, wholeness and completion. It makes up a
week, a rainbow, the quarters of the moon and many initiations in major religions and philosophies. There are seven heavenly
virtues, just as there are seven deadly sins, seven sages and seven wonders of the world…

It’s an initiatory number, a sign of balance between the earth and the sky: an alliance of opposites that creates perfection.


the reflection of an unusual and surprising year

This unusual vintage, so befitting of Chardonnay, has a wonderful future ahead of it: Charles Heidsieck has chosen it as the seventh cuvée of Blanc des Millénaires and it is polar opposite from its predecessor of 2006.


Because if every cuvée is the exclusive product of great Chardonnays from iconic terroirs, exceptional for their incomparable texture, aromatic complexity and ability to mature, each one will develop its own personality, linked to the organoleptic profile of its vintage year.

Blanc des Millénaires 2007

a sparkling oxymoron : youthfulness and ageing potential

to the eye


A pale gold colour with light green glints, and quite youthful, in contrast to the previous vintage.

on the nose


The chalky minerality of the Côte des Blancs is all-pervading. We detect toasted and smoky notes. When swirled in the glass, fresh citrus notes appear: grapefruit, yuzu and quince. They bring a cheeky youthfulness to this fine, delicate nose.

on the palate


The identity of the vintage is intertwined with a sharp and classy acidity, reminiscent of the 2004 vintage in its first flush of youth. An enveloping texture is then revealed with accents of lemon meringue pie and subtle saline notes. Its generosity is very prominent and will continue to develop with ageing. The finish is long and full-bodied.

7th edition


Since then, seven cuvées have seen the light of day: 1983, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2004, 2006 and 2007.

These cuvées are truly exceptional, as they are made up solely of wines from the same year. These years are recognized as extraordinary by our cellar masters and selected with extreme care for their unusual maturation capacities.