villers marmerY vertus

Distinct, crisp and thirst-quenching.

Villers-Marmery is a small commune where Chardonnay is like a drop of water in an ocean of Pinot Noir. These wines are very lively, have well-developed and refreshing acidity with long ageing potential.

Mineral, creamy and generous.

Vertus is a village with one of the largest areas of vines generating wines with great minerality, citrus notes and a zesty character.



Smooth, well-structured and balanced

Oger is the most atypical wine of the Côte des Blancs. The wines are full-bodied and ‘meaty’ with a pleasant liveliness.

Mature, exuberant and generous

Montgueux, certainly the most developed of the four crus, produces very ripe grapes with a tropical-fruit or ripe-yellow-fruit profile. The full-bodie roundness recalls the Chardonnays of Burgundy.

"Before the bubbles appear, all our wines are still and it is from these wines that our intuition guides our choice of blends."
Cyril Brun