Well-rounded with great  aromatic finesse

An abundant harvest, despite contrasting climatic conditions.

In 2006, the winter was cold with a heavy snowfall. After a spring punctuated by several violent thunderstorms in May, summer began with scorching heat. Although July achieved record temperatures for the month, it gave way to a very rainy, cold August. This alternation of hot and cool periods, with a return to dry and sunny weather in September, was particularly beneficial for the maturation of the grapes and successful harvesting.

Tasting notes

To the eye

The intense golden robe sparkles brightly with a delicate and vivacious effervescence.

On the nose

The wine initially presents a generous nose with floral tones highlighted with a touch of jasmine and honeysuckle. An abundance of fruity aromas then comes alive: white peach, fresh apricot, mirabelle plum, grapefruit and yuzu vie with each other. When swirled in the glass, more subtle notes of bergamot, toasted hazelnut, liquorice and grated coconut confer a superb complexity to this multi-dimensional bouquet.

On the palate

Interesting combination of the saline, mineral character and silky texture evoking the flavours of nougat and buttery cream. The effervescence is delicate and suave. With generous tones, the consummate, rich mouthfeel of this champagne is truly inspiring. Its incredible breadth of aromas is a sinful delight to the senses.


Charming from the very first sip, the Vintage Brut 2006 expresses more freshness and grace than its predecessor, the Vintage Brut 2005. This distinctive aromatic profile confirms the very ‘raison d’être’ of a vintage wine, the expression of one particular year. The fruit of a year characterized by a generous acidity, this vintage presents excellent ageing potential. Matured for almost ten years in the unique thousand-year-old chalk cellars, this ideal classic fully reveals its complex character and takes its place amongst the most celebrated Champagnes.