Rosé Millésimé 2005

Generous and precise. Just like Charles!  



 The 2005 Rosé took its time to mature: thanks to the sunlight during the year, it developed a generous angular structure that, over the years, became full-bodied and radiant. A er more than 10 years on the lees, the wine has today fulfilled its promise, redolent and powerful with excellent ageing potential.

TO THE EYE: an elegant pearly pink robe with a delicate, joyful effervescence.

ON THE NOSE: the nose initially o ers a deep and powerful luxuriance with notes of kirsch and exceptionally ripe cherries,  fleshy plums, pomegranates and cranberries. Rich, radiant and generous, this cornucopia of ripe fruit introduces a universe redolent with pastry, with the notes of brioche and fresh butter that characterise the spirit of this vintage.

ON THE PALATE: subtle flavours of candied grapefruit and warm underbrush. Unbridled and indulgent, the wine is luxurious, with a powerful palate and terrific breadth. The palate thrills to the full body and long-lasting aromatic persistence.


The  first grapes were brought in on 9 September. The weather was magnificent, cool, dry and sunny. Cool nights helped to boost the level of sugar in the grapes. Thanks to the heat and rain, grapes were plump, heavier than average and showed an exemplary level of sugar with a potential alcohol level of about 10%. In addition to these promising points, excellent acidity ensured perfect balance and very promising ageing potential for this vintage. First tastings reveal exceptional chardonnays, and subtle and aromatic pinots noirs.

Notes de Cyril Brun, 

Chef de Caves


2005 IN CHAMPAGNE – An exceptional vintage 

The 2005 harvest in Champagne was particularly successful due to a cold, dry winter, an early heat wave in June that promoted  flowering, a reasonable amount of rainfall in the summer and, finally, a return to high temperatures in early September, ideal for ripening the grapes.