Charles Heidsieck celebrates the bicentennial of its founder's birth, pays tribute to the man and celebrates his legend

In 2022 , the Charles Heidsieck House will celebrate the bicentennial of its founder’s birth.

The House is willing to pay tribute to these 200 years of adventure and has prepared lots of surprises to come all over this special year.

Charles loved the fresh air of freedom and the precious value of time. At the tender age of 29, he founded his own House and gained a nickname.

As a visionary, he set his sights on the long term and invested in age-old chalk cellars, the perfect home for ageing his wines.


Charles Heidsieck, 200 years of freedom


As a cosmopolitan, Charles expanded the market for champagne all the way to the United States. Celebrating its bicentennial is paying tribute to his independent thinking and actions.

Thank you, Charles.

1822 : year of birth of Charles-Camille Heidsieck, founder of the House.

2022 : the House of Charles Heidiseck celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of its founder. 2022 symbolizes a year of celebration for the House.